Funky Time Game Features

  • Software – Evolution.
  • Date of Launch – May 2023
  • Target players – Beginners, experienced, VIP’S.
  • Minimum Spin – $0.10 – $5,000
  • No complicated rules, you bet on a wheel spin.
  • Multiple bonuses & 4 bonus games.

Funky Time Introduction

Hit the dancefloor and play for up to 10,000X bonuses in a stunning wheel game full of bonuses and the funkiest vibe you’ve ever seen.

Stop off at the Bar for bonus drinks or join the disco and watch the prizes grow.

Placing Bets

Making wagers on this luck-based game is simple, there are 64 sections, and you place a chip on where you think the flapper will stop. The live presenter will spin the wheel, and as it spins multipliers are added for a chance to increase the payout.

On the wheel you have the number 1, letters that spell out the word PLAY FUNK TIME and the special 12 bonus game segments. The multipliers on the board vary from 2X up to 50X applying an instant bigger win, these can also land on the bonus games, for a chance at an incredible 10,000X multiplier.

All you do is drop your betting chip where you think the wheel will stop, you can choose multiple numbers or letters by wagering your chip value per section you choose.

The Payout

If you land on the number 1, you get 1X your bet plus your stake, so a wager of $1 will get you a win of $2. If you land on a letter, it’s 25X your bet every time. Landing on one of the bonus games is a 1X your bet as a win, before the funky multipliers.

If you land on a multiplier in the wheel, your prize goes up, for example if you get a 10X on a letter, you win $250. The total prizes available on the wheel are:

Bet Spot Payout
1 1–50:1
Letter (P.L.A.Y.F.U.N.K.T.I.M or E 25-1250:1
Bar Bonus Up to $500,000
Stayin’ Alive Bonus
Disco Bonus
VIP Disco Bonus

The Bonus Games

You start with the Bar, where your robot bartender will mix 3 different drinks. You choose 1 glass by colour: Blue, Yellow or Pink. The drinks are poured in, each of them adds a multiplier, from 2X up to 10X. For an extra touch of class, a reel will spin mixing the drinks for up to 3 times the total bonus.

Then you have Stayin’ Alive, a bingo game where you choose one of three colours. There are 3 bonus ladders, from 2X to 1,000X. Each time a ball of your colour comes out, it goes up a step. But there are also black balls that will break the record. 4 Broken records will end the game. Your total prize is the top level on the colour you chose.

Disco & VIP Disco are where the biggest bonuses cam be found. You’re transported to a disco dancefloor where Mr Funky dances around collecting bonuses. The host will spin a wheel, sending him in a different direction. Each time he moves the bonus he lands on is added to the final multiplier.

If he falls off, the game ends, if he lands on an X, some of the bonuses are multiplied, all the way up to a potential 10,000X. The difference between the 2 Disco games, is the VIP starts with and has higher numbers.

How to Play Funky Time

Before you play, you’ll need to register to your legal online casino and add all your details. This normally includes your name, address and payment details so you can add funds to your bankroll.

The set for this game is amazing, in the centre you have your main game wheel and behind you can see the Bar and Disco doors. Under the wheel you have your betting area, where you place your chips on the different wheel sections.

Between each spin you will have 15 seconds to place your bets, and you can choose the number 1, an individual letter or one of the bonus games. There are also buttons for ‘All’ numbers, letters and bonus games. This will drop your chips on all of them at the same time.

You also choose the value of your bet, from $0.10 up to $25. If you choose ‘All Bonuses’ with a $1 chip, your total wager is $4. You have the option to double your bet and keep doubling up to a maximum of $5,000.

There’s an autoplay feature that allows you to play games automatically, and you can see all of the game stats and recent spin results. You also have a live host chatting with the players, and a chat option to talk to them or other players in the game.

When you get into either the Bar or Stayin’ Alive game, you need to choose a colour, if you don’t choose in 10 seconds the game will pick one for you. The Disco games are automatic, you can just sit back and enjoy.

Strategies for Funky Time

Because this is a luck-based game with no rules, it really comes down to managing your bankroll and placing your bets in a way to maximise your results. Betting only on the fixed prizes will give you predictable results.

However, betting on the number and all of the letters is 13 bets, if you land on a 1 you don’t make much of a payout, but landing on a letter is 25X. Over a long period of time, you probably won’t win a lot.

The Bonus games are where the real payouts can happen, but they are only covering a small percentage of the board. One of the best ways to play is to cover the 1 (most segments of the board), 6 of the letters and all of the bonus games.

This covers most of the board, gives you a shot at the bonus games and allows you to keep control of your bankroll easier. But remember this is a luck game, and you could end up without a bonus game for a while, so make sure you are watching the game.

How to Maximise your chances

  • Make smaller bets to stretch your bankroll.
  • Always cover the 4 bonus game slots, as these are the biggest payouts.
  • If you’re having a bad stretch, take a break and don’t try to chase your losses.
  • Don’t play for long periods of time, keep hydrated and take breaks.

Can you play Funky Time on Mobile?

The studio looks amazing in the palm of your hand, and it’s really easy to play with a touch screen. The high-quality stream keep you immersed in the game and making bets is simple. Using HTML5 technology to allow you to enjoy on both IOS and Android.

Never miss a spin and enjoy the thrill anywhere.


>>> Barbara : “Funky Time’s live host creates an electric atmosphere, making each session feel like a party! The bonus games are a joyride of fun, adding an exciting twist to the overall experience.”

>>> Norman : “The game’s simplicity makes it a breeze for anyone to dive in and enjoy. It’s effortlessly easy to pick up and play, making it a go-to choice for instant entertainment. And I love the Disco vibe especially the VIP bonus game.”

>> > Nancy : “I love the easy to navigate controls, they make make it a stress-free, enjoyable game for players of all levels. It’s super exciting when you get to the bonus games, and the atmosphere is lots of fun.”

Our Opinion of Funky Time

This is an incredibly fun place to be, with live hosts always in the game and a very chatty group of players. With its really simple design and easy to play style this is a relaxing place to be.

The bonus games are fun to see, especially the Disco, and it’s easy to follow the action. For a luck-based game there is actually a lot you can enjoy. If your sensible with your bankroll you can be here for a while and just enjoy yourself.

FAQ – Funky Time Live

Place a bet on one or more of the segments of the wheel, and if the wheel lands on what you’ve bet on, you’ll win a prize or enter a bonus round. Click here.

Yes. All of the Evolution games are fully optimised for mobile play. Read here.

No. The wheel will land on a bonus segment, and that determines which bonus round you will play.

Yes. You can bet on as many segments as you want, but don’t forget to compare the potential payout to your stake!

Each prize has different limits, but there’s the potential to win up to 500,000:1.

This is an Evolution game set in a studio.

Overall the RTP is 95.99%, with variation in individual places from 95.38% to 95.99%.

Yes, the game can be found in any legal Ontario casino.

It’s a luck-based Casino TV Game where you guess where the wheel will stop for prizes.