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Lightning Roulette From Evolution

If you’re bored of playing standard roulette or are just looking for a novelty experience, you’ll want to pay close attention to Lightning Roulette. This roulette game has already won multiple awards.

It scooped the “Product Innovation of the Year” at the Global Gaming Awards and the “EGR Game of the Year” in 2018.

As you’ll see, this is no ordinary roulette game. Some have called it roulette on steroids.

Lightning Roulette – Key Features

  • Evolution – the undisputed best live gaming operator – is behind Lightning Roulette.
  • Only one zero pocket as this game uses a European roulette wheel.
  • Birdseye views of the roulette wheel as it spins and the ball bounces into a winning pocket.
  • Entertaining and charming game hosts to make this more than just an average roulette game.
  • Between one and five “Lucky Numbers” which have multipliers of between 50x and 500x on each spin.

How Lightning Roulette Works

The thing which makes Lightning Roulette different from all of the other live dealer roulette games is the Lucky Numbers. While normal straight bets pay 30:1 in this game, these payouts can be enhanced by massive multipliers of up to 500x.

When you sit down to play Lightning Live Roulette, this is what will happen:

  • The dealer will welcome you to the game and will open a round of betting as soon as the current spin is finished.
  • You’ll see a digital roulette table on the screen in front of you. This is where you will make your picks for this spin of the wheel. You’ll also see the roulette numbers on a screen behind the live dealer. This is where the Lucky Numbers will be picked before the game begins.
  • Don’t overlook the game track to the right side of the screen. You can make neighbour bets such as Tier, Voisins, and Orphelins bets here.
  • Once you’ve made your bets, the live dealer will pull a handle and lightning will strike between one and five numbers. You’ll see multipliers of between 50x and 500x below these numbers. They’re the Lucky Numbers for this game.
  • The dealer will then release the ball onto the spinning roulette wheel, and you’ll get an up-close, birdseye view of the action. All bets are settled instantly.

The Rules of Lightning Roulette

There are a few rules of Lightning Roulette which you need to remember. We won’t cover the usual roulette rules, but rather the rules which are unique to this variant.

  1. You must place your bets before the Lucky Numbers are decided. No bets will be accepted after the dealer pulls the lightning handle.
  2. You will only win the multiplier if you bet on that number. For example, if you bet €10 on one of the Lucky Numbers and it has a 100x multiplier, you could win €1,000 on a single spin.
  3. All other straight bets (non-lucky numbers) will pay 30:1. In other European roulette games, they pay 35:1.
  4. Lucky Numbers are not guaranteed to win. However, if they do, bets will be settled instantly, and you’ll be congratulated by the dealer.
  5. You can bet between €0.20 and €10,000 on each spin. Note that €10,000 is not the maximum bet per number, but the maximum bet when all of your picks have been added together.

Are There Any Negatives to Lightning Roulette?

Each player has his or her individual preferences. Negatives are relative, but here are a few potential drawbacks to Lightning Roulette.

  • Normal straight bets pay less than they otherwise would in standard European or American roulette games. This is to offset the extra risk to the casino presented by the huge multipliers.
  • Because of the huge potential payouts, it can be easy to get carried away when playing this game. Remember to gamble responsibly at all times.
  • Lightning Roulette doesn’t offer the slow-motion replays and multiple camera angles that Immersive Roulette does. There’s one birdseye view of the action once the ball is released.

Lightning Roulette Strategy & Tips

The usual roulette strategies won’t work well on Lightning Roulette. For example, many roulette players like to use the Martingale strategy, but that won’t work here because it relies on making even money bets. The point of Lightning Roulette is to make straight bets and hope to hit one or more the Lucky Numbers.

Instead of these traditional roulette strategies, you can:

  • Bet on random numbers. Some players feel this is the best way to go in this game. Cover about 12 numbers or roughly ⅓ of the possibilities.
  • Bet on one or two random numbers each time, conserving your bankroll for as many spins as possible. Risk 1% of your bankroll per spin.
  • Cover half the options by betting on all red/black or all odd/even numbers.
  • Bet on every number. This will cost you €37 if you wager €1 on every number plus the zero. If you don’t hit the Lucky Number, you will win back at least €30 for winning one number. If you do hit the multiplier, you could win up to 500x your stake.
  • Use the betting track to make neighbour bets such as Orphelins or Voisins. These have been described in the table below.

Bet Numbers

Orphelins 17-34-6-1-20-31-14-9 (8 numbers).
Voisins 22-18-29-7-28-12-35-3-26-0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25 (17 numbers).
Tiers 27-13-36-11-30-8-23-10-5-24-16-33 (12 numbers).

Play Lighting Roulette only in regulated and licensed online casinos.

Lightning Roulette Game – Frequently Asked Questions

Lightning Roulette is a live dealer roulette game powered by Evolution. Before each spin, as many as five numbers will have multipliers of up to 500x applied. These numbers will be selected after players have made their bets and the betting window has closed, so it’s best to make straight bets in this roulette game. Read Here.

No, Lightning roulette is not rigged. This game is powered by a legit live gaming company called Evolution. It has UKGC and other gaming licences and is regularly audited by these iGaming regulators. Firms of this caliber do not run rigged casino games.

You’ll win something, but that doesn’t mean you’ll profit. It could cost more to do this than the value of your win. Lots of players do exactly this in the hope of landing a Lucky Number with a large multiplier.

These are decided by a Random Number Generator much like the results of many digital casino games. When the live dealer pulls the handle to set off the lightning round, the RNG picks between one and five numbers and the associated multipliers.

Lightning Roulette offers massive multipliers of each spin. It’s not the ideal game for making red/black or high/low bets. This is the best game to play straight bets because that’s where the multipliers will apply.

There’s no surefire way to beat Lightning Roulette every time. The house always has an edge. Some players attempt to increase their chances by betting on two-thirds of the numbers on the board. This way, you maximize your chances of landing a number with a large multiplier. If you manage to do this, we suggest you walk away before the house takes it all back.

There are two reasons. First, it’s more enjoyable to play with a live dealer or real game host. This leads to a more sociable, realistic gaming experience. In fact, some would argue this game is better than playing roulette at a real casino. Second, there are the multipliers. There are no digital (RNG) roulette games with multipliers of this size.

You can play it at 32Red, Mr Green, and Dream Vegas. These three legit live casinos offer all of the best Evolution lives games, along with some others. Lightning Roulette is available at all of them.

You can’t play live casino games for free. However, you can watch them for a while before you play for real money. To do so, simply load the game and watch a few rounds. If you like what you see, the dealer will invite you to play for real money after each round.

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