No Commission Live Baccarat

No Commission Baccarat: Save on Commission

No Commission Baccarat is a recent variant from Evolution which does not take the usual 5% commission on banker wins. As usual with Evolution Gaming, this is something truly different, but is it too good to be true?

In this No Commission Baccarat review, we’ll show you how this variant works, how Evolution Gaming makes up for the loss of the 5% commission on banker wins, and all about the interesting “Super 6” side bet which opens up as a result of the new rules.

No Commission Baccarat – Key Features

  • Powered by the award-winning Evolution Gaming. This means a world-class live gaming experience is assured.
  • High definition video streaming from dedicated game studios with a luxurious purple and red colour scheme.
  • Multiple side bets such as pairs and super 6. This latter side bet is only available in No Commission Baccarat.
  • Multiple camera angles of the live dealer and close-up angles of the game table create a realistic game experience.
  • Baccarat roads display historical results. You can use these to spot patterns before placing your bets.

How No Commission Baccarat Works

When you sit down at the No Commission Baccarat table, this is exactly what will happen:

  • When you sit down at the table, a friendly live dealer will welcome you. You’ll see the baccarat table with its purple felt and the dealer herself directly in front of you.
  • A betting window will open, and you’ll see a digital game board on the screen. You need to place your chips on this board to indicate what bets you want to make. As well as player and banker bets, you can bet on a tie or the various optional side bets.
  • Once all bets have been placed, the dealer will issue two cards to the player and two to the banker. From here, the game will proceed according to the normal rules of baccarat.
  • Cards will be dealt face down, and before they’re turned over, the camera angle will change to an up-close shot of the cards. If any other cards need to be dealt, this will then happen.
  • Finally, winning bets are paid out instantly and losing bets are credited to the casino. A new round of betting then begins.

How Is No Commission Baccarat Different?

So, what’s the big difference between No Commission Baccarat and standard versions? Whereas you’d normally pay a 5% commission on winning banker bets, you won’t pay them here.

Instead, you’ll pay on winning banker bets which total 6. When this happens, the casino pays only half of your stake back. This advantage is the house edge in No Commission Baccarat. See the side bets section below for further details on how you can take advantage of this rule for potential 15:1 payouts.

Are There Any Negatives to No Commission Baccarat?

There are some potential negatives to No Commission Baccarat. As always, positives and negatives depend largely on your individual preferences, so these won’t be negatives to everyone.

  • Extra Temptation – The various side bets are seen by many players as extra temptation to give the casino money. They’re unlikely to land, and the higher the potential payouts, the more unlikely they become.
  • Game Speed – An average hand of No Commission Baccarat takes around 50 seconds. If you prefer a faster pace, try Speed Baccarat which takes only 27 seconds.
  • There Is Commission – It might not be called “commission” but only returning half of your stake on banker bets with a value of six amounts to the same thing. Yes, it won’t happen on the majority of hands, but when it does happen, losing half your stake is nothing other than commission.

No Commission Baccarat – Side Bets

There are some extra side bets which you can make on No Commission Baccarat. There’s also one side bet which is exclusive to this game.

  • Pairs – You can wager that either the player or the banker will be dealt a pair with their first two cards. This pays 11:1 if you win.
  • Perfect Pairs – This takes the previous wager and increases the intensity. To win this bet, the player or banker will have to get a perfect pair such as two aces of clubs. This bet will pay 200:1 if you win it.
  • Bonus Bets – These bets pay when the player or banker wins with an 8 or a 9 by at least four points.
  • Super 6 – This is an insurance bet which you can take in case a banker bet wins with a total of 6. If it does, you win 15:1.

No Commission Baccarat – Player’s Verdict

This is a high-quality live baccarat game with a luxury feel to it. The minimum bets aren’t too high (£1) and the Super 6 side bet does open up an interesting opportunity even if it’s unlikely to land.

It’s also suitable for high stakes players since bets of up to £10,000 can be placed. We recommend trying this baccarat variant for yourself to see what you think.

No Commission Baccarat – Frequently Asked Questions

As stated above, the traditional 5% banker’s commission is really done away with. However, losing half your wager on banker bets worth six is still a form of commission – it’s just levied less frequently.

No, this is a fair game run by an honest operator. You can see everything the dealer is doing at all times. You can trust Evolution Gaming.

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