Monopoly Big Baller Live

Torn between playing a classic board game and a spot of bingo? Never fear – Evolution has got your back with a thrilling new mash-up of the two in Monopoly Big Baller Live.

An exciting live dealer game combining elements of both Monopoly and bingo, there’s the opportunity to win up to £100,000. 

Released in August 2022, Monopoly Big Baller Live looks a lot like a bingo game at first glance. However, triggering the bonus rounds unlocks the exciting Monopoly board, with the gameplay assisted by the moustachioed Mr Monopoly!

But should this game be sent directly to jail, or will you pass GO and collect cash prizes? Here’s what we found out about Monopoly Big Baller. 

First Look

Have you ever noticed that Mr Monopoly bears a striking resemblance to Captain Birdseye – minus the beard? If not, you’ll spot it right away in this game as the board game master switches his top hat for a captain’s peaked cap, and he’s headed off to the river!

The game is set on board a river boat, with the Evolution studio themed with lots of sailing paraphernalia. As always, there’s a live dealer to guide the action – assisted by a digital Mr Monopoly, of course! 

How to Play

Monopoly Big Baller starts off just like a game of bingo, with players choosing from 1-4 cards to bet on. You can bet different numbers on each card, and bet on all cards simultaneously if you prefer.

Each of these 5×5 cards will be filled randomly with numbers from 1-60, just like a regular bingo card. The centre space on each card will either be a Free Space or a Chance; players can choose which type they want. 

A Free Space acts as a number that’s already been drawn, making it easier to complete a line. A Chance card guarantees the centre space will be a multiplier, but free spaces may also be added to the card later.  

There are also two additional bonus cards that players can bet on. If the bonus round is triggered, you’ll only take part if you’ve bet on the corresponding card. 

Mr Monopoly pulls some levers to generate the free spaces and multipliers and to get the cards ready for play. Once he’s played his part, the ball machine rolls into action with 20 balls ready to match to the card. 

The aim of the game is to mark off winning lines, just like in regular bingo. The more lines you win, the bigger the prize – and you’ll win even more if you hit a multiplier. At the end of the game, you’ll collect any prizes you’ve won from matching lines, and then you can bet again on the next set of cards. 

Bonus Rounds

If all the numbers get checked off on one of the bonus cards, the bonus round is triggered after the main game has finished. There are two potential bonus rounds, each with their corresponding card. Players who haven’t bet on a bonus card will just be spectators in this round and won’t collect any of the bonus prizes won. 

The two bonus rounds are the same game, but one offers three rolls of the dice, and the other gives five rolls. 

The bonus round is where the game switches to Monopoly rather than bingo, as you’ll be facing a full Monopoly board. However, instead of the usual Monopoly properties, you’ll find multipliers waiting for you on each square. 

Mr Monopoly will move the number of spaces shown on the dice, and you’ll win anything he lands on. If you are unlucky enough to land on Go To Jail, the same Monopoly rules apply – you’ll need to roll a double to free him!

There are also Chance and Community Chest spaces on the board; landing on these could either award you a random prize or else deduct some of your bonus winnings. Supertax reduces your bonus prizes by 20%, while income tax reduces them by 10%.

If Mr Monopoly passes GO, all of the board prizes will be doubled. The bonus round is over once you’ve finished your rolls of the dice. 

Odds, Payouts & RTP

The betting range starts at 0.10 and increases to a maximum of 50.00 with players able to bet on up to four regular cards and two bonus cards per game. 

The RTP is 96.10% and has a medium volatility which compares to the high volatility of other games such as Monopoly Live. 

The different types of cards offer a range of payouts:

  • Free Space cards – 2:1 to 39:1
  • Chance cards – 2:1 to 199:1

The multipliers also vary depending on the type of multiplier Mr Monopoly reveals:

  • Global multiplier – x2 – x3
  • Line multiplier -x20 – x50
  • Standard – x20 – x30

There are no set payouts for the bonus games, but it’s possible to win up to £500,000. 

Pros & Cons


  • Great combination of both bingo and Monopoly
  • Huge top payout up to £500,000
  • Medium volatility for more regular payouts


  • Players can only bet on 4 cards plus 2 bonus cards per round
  • Only one style of bonus game available

Review Summary

All too often, casino games are themed but never really capture the essence of the brand. That’s not the case with Monopoly Big Baller, as not only is Mr Monopoly a large part of the game, but the bonus round is also played on an authentic Monopoly board.

It’s genuinely great fun to play and a fabulous fusion of two classic games. With a top payout of £500,000, bonus prizes and multipliers, you’ll want to pass GO on Monopoly Big Baller every time!

FAQ Monopoly Big Baller Live

Yes. All of Evolution’s live dealer games can be played on mobile devices, including Monopoly Big Baller.

Each of the cards corresponds to a different bonus round. You can bet on both, either or none of the bonus cards

There are 20 number balls drawn in each regular game. There are no additional balls available.

There is no limit on the multipliers you can receive on the bingo cards – it depends on how generous Mr Monopoly is feeling!

No. As this is a live dealer game, there is no demo available, but you can join and watch the game in real time before starting to play.