Grand Live Roulette

Grand Live Roulette Review by Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming is continuously releasing new and interesting live roulette games for its growing player base. Grand Live Roulette isn’t set in a casino but instead is set in a dedicated studio with a friendly game host. 

In this Grand Live Roulette review, you’ll learn how to play this game, what special features it offers, and how it compares to some of the other live dealer roulette games online.

Grand Live Roulette – Key Features

  • This game is powered by Authentic Gaming. It’s a live games specialist with a laser focus on one thing – providing high-quality live roulette games.
  • Hosted in a homely gold and cream game studio with a beautiful live dealer and multiple HD camera angles of both the dealer and the roulette wheel.
  • Up-close camera angles of various game elements such as the wheel, the dealer, and the winning pocket. This is an optional feature.
  • Betting limits starting from £0.20, all the way up to £5,000 per spin of the wheel. Max betting limits depend on what wager you make.

How Grand Live Roulette Works

We always play the live games we review. In our experience, this is the only way to provide you with an accurate and informed review. Here’s what will happen when you play Grand Live Roulette by Authentic Gaming.

  • When you enter the studio, you need to choose either the classic view or the multi-camera view. The live dealer will then welcome you to the game. You’ll notice that it’s an intimate, relaxing setting. The studio has been designed that way and is different from the hectic pace and incessant noise of a real casino.
  • When a betting window opens, you’ll need to drag your casino chips onto the digital roulette board in front of you. How much you can bet per spin depends on the type of wager you’re making. For example, you can bet £250 on straight bets or up to £5,000 on outside bets.
  • After a few seconds, you’ll see “no more bets” in red above the betting board. The dealer will then spin the wheel and release the ball.
  • At this point of the game, the camera angle changes if you have chosen the multi-angle view. You’ll get several close-up views of the roulette wheel.
  • Finally, the pocket the ball lands in will be shown on a screen which looks like a mirror behind the wheel. For example, if it lands in 18 red, you’ll see 18 red on the screen.

Grand Live Roulette is a simple, straightforward roulette game played on a European roulette wheel. In a time when gimmicks and features seem to be all the rage, this game takes you back to classic roulette in a relaxing, atmospheric setting. If we had to describe it in only one word, it would have to be “charming.”

Grand Live Roulette – Extra Features

  • Close Up Result Views – The close view of the winning pocket on the extra screen is a nice feature. We’ve seen many games offering tight views of the results on the wheel, but this is something truly different.
  • Stats on Up to 250 Spins – You can view the results for the last 250 spins. This can help you find hot and cold numbers, winning patterns and streaks, and can help you form a strategy.
  • Classic or Multi-Angle Views – If you don’t like the multiple camera angles and views, you can set the game to classic view. This is a straight-on view of the game studio with none of the changes.
  • One-Click Call Bets – You can place call bets like Red Snake and Tiers quickly and easily with one click. Make sure you fully understand these before you place them as some of them are multi-chip bets.

Are There Any Negatives to Grand Live Roulette?

We don’t necessarily view these as negatives, but they might be perceived as such by some players. It depends on what you’re looking for.

  • Betting Limits – We’ve seen other live roulette games with higher betting limits. £250 on straight bets and £5,000 on outside bets might not be enough for serious high rollers.
  • No Features – More and more live roulette games have extra features such as multipliers on lucky numbers or engaging studio effects. Grand Live Roulette doesn’t have any of that.

Grand Live Roulette – Player’s Verdict

If you want to play a classic, old-school game of live roulette without any modern gimmicks or extras, this would make for an excellent choice. Authentic Gaming pays attention to every little detail, and we must say that there’s something about the studio in Grand Live Roulette that makes us want to stay and play for hours. We suggest you give it a try at one of our approved casinos and see for yourself if it’s the right game for you.