Dublin Blackjack

Dublin Blackjack : Online blackjack table exclusive to 3 live casinos

Dublin Blackjack is a special table that you’ll only come across occasionally and only in three online casinos: Lucky31 Casino, Casino Extra and Dublinbet. All three belong to the same operator and these three online gaming platforms offer this table along with Lucky Blackjack, only within certain promotional offers like the “Dublin Lucky Card” one. On these occasions, online players can benefit from the developer Evolution Gaming’s knowledge and the characteristics that make this table unique.

Live Dealers Casino brings you all the details in this special review of Dublin Blackjack, Evolution Gaming’s not to be missed online blackjack table!

Live Blackjack and Lucky Cards

As is obvious from its name, Dublin Blackjack is foremost a live dealer online blackjack table. Developed by Evolution Gaming, it places online players in the presence of real dealers who host the games transmitted live from a land based studio set up by the developer. That’s nothing new, you might say. Except that inside the boxes containing the cards distributed by the dealers, the developer decided to hide a random number of special cards each day.

With the “Dublin Lucky Card” promotion for example, each day a casino manager puts in a random number of lucky cards until he reaches the 56 cards to be placed during the promotion.Among these 56 cards that all have a shamrock on them, there are red, green and orange cards and one golden card. Each one has a cash prize which is only given when the card appears in the player’s hand.

So each green card is worth €21, each orange is worth €120, while red cards pay out €210. The golden card is worth €1000 in cash. In total, with Dublin Blackjack, 56 players who find one or more cards could win up to €4000 in cash!

Classic blackjack

Classic blackjack rules are in place at the Dublin Blackjack table. The table can have up to 7 players with the possibility of placing the usual bets as well as other types of bet. “Back” bets are also accepted. At this table, the dealer remains at 17 and there is nothing at 16. A Blackjack pays 3:2 and a winning bet on an assurance pays 2:1.

Interface and functions

The Dublin Blackjack table’s interface is particularly fluid and is suitable for all types of players. Sound and images can be regulated with several buttons and there is high quality streaming. As regards functions, one can chat live with the dealer and the other players at the table, there is also a gaming history.

Opening hours and betting levels

At the Dublin Blackjack table, bets vary from €5 to € 1000 per game. So all players can enjoy themselves no matter what their budget. The opening hours are 24/7 but only during promotional offers.