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Casino TV Show Features

  • Software – Varied including Evolution & Pragmatic Play Live.
  • Date of Launch – Varied.
  • Target players – Beginners, experienced, VIP’S.
  • Minimum Deposit – The average is a balance of $20.
  • Many of your favourite shows turned into casino games.
  • No need for online casino experience, these games are more like a lottery.

Introduction to Casino TV Shows

Play a thrilling mix of game shows and live online casino action with a huge variety of luck-based games.

Enjoy themes from family favourites like monopoly or Deal or No Deal and win cash prizes. With a unique blend of styles these games are hitting it big and are hugely popular.

Brought to you live from a studio, these are some of the easiest online casino games to play, with no need to understand more complicated games like baccarat or blackjack. With live dealers, the chance to chat and lots of bonus games you’re in for an exciting time.

With a unique blend of styles these games are hitting it big and are hugely popular.

This category of games is brought to you by some of the biggest names in the business, such as Evolution and Pragmatic Play Live.

With their special twist on classic shows like Deal or No Deal they give you a fabulous experience with their live presenter shows.

Top Casino TV Show Games

Defining these games can be a challenge, you have live hosts and dealers, and real money betting. Where they stand out from your usual online Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack is the stunning theme and easy to understand gameplay that comes with it.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular live-dealer games, from different studios to give you an idea of what you can expect.

  • Monopoly Live – A huge Money Wheel game where you bet on where the ticker lands, mixed with a stunning ‘Mr Monopoly’ 3D experience with bonuses and multipliers. `
  • Crazy Time – Take a spin on the giant Money Wheel with a chance of up to 4 different bonus games full of prizes.
  • Crazy Pachinko – 16-reel slots, pachinko pucks and multipliers all meet in this thrill ride of a game full of different ways to boost the prize.
  • Funky Time – Disco meets giant wheels in a fast-paced game where you can win huge prizes in bonus games.
  • Deal or No Deal – The exciting world of beating the banker meets casino multipliers in a unique show with multiple layers of fun.
  • Treasure Island – Meet Long John Silver in this timeless story full of bonus games, magic multipliers and thrilling action.
  • Sweet Bonanza Candyland – You’re in for a tasty treat with this mega wheel game full of bonus games and the ever popular ‘Sugar Bomb’.

How to play Casino TV Shows

Firstly, find yourself a legal online casino in Ontario, once you have that you will need to sign-up. You’ll have to give a few of your personal details, like your name and address as well as your deposit details.

You may also have to prove your location with an app for legal reasons.

Once logged in there’s a whole range of different games for you to try. Find the game show you want to play and dive in. Greeting you will be the live host, most often in a studio who will be bringing the game to life.

If you play Deal or No Deal, you’ll go through 2 rounds of bonuses and multipliers giving you the total amount in your box.

Then you hit the iconic setting where you will be offered an amount of money, and you decide if you want to open your box.

Many of the games such as Crazy Time are huge wheels with different multipliers, bonus icons and amounts.

You need to place a bet on what you think the ticker will land on, if you’re right you win a prize or go into their bonus rounds.

You’ll have a few options on the screen when you play, including a guide on exactly how the game works, and what the prizes and ranges are. There’s also a help section and recent prizes area.

And of course, you’ll be able to chat with the other players and the hosts, get to know people and enjoy the vibrant effects and settings unique to each game.

You can also change the camera, chat and sounds to suit your mood.

Strategies to help you succeed

Every game is different, but there are some things that you can do in all of them to give you a shot at winning. While no game is every 100%, follow some of these tips and it could help you.

Make sure that you know what the odds are for the game, if you have a 3:1 payout when you bet, then you could make 3 bets to break even, the same goes if there’s a 65 part wheel and a 20:1, make a bet on 20 numbers and if you win on 1 you break even.

Watch out for the multipliers, there are several games that have different levels of multiplier, all stacking up. Learn how they work and then use them to your advantage to make the most of any win.

Keep an eye on your bankroll, make sure that you’re never chasing your losses, and that the bets you place are within your limits, especially if you bet on multiple slots on a wheel.

How to maximize your chances

  •   Check how many bets you need to make to break even on any of the games (if it has more than 1)
  •   Keep any bets you make within your limits and keep an eye on your bankroll.
  •   Check how the bonuses work so you know what to look for and when the best time to bet is.
  •   Set limits and take advantage of any autobet that the game has.
  •   Don’t sit for too long in one session, take breaks and don’t play tired.

Can you play Casino TV Games on mobile?

As these games are relatively new, they are all available in stunning HTML5, giving a fast clear stream.

The high-quality studios bring the live hosts to life on your screen, giving you an unparalleled experience. Play wherever you want using your touch screen on any device, Android or IOS.

You can even play on your smart TV if you have one, with amazing results.


>> Steven : “I love playing these big wheel games on my cell, seeing the Monopoly bonus game is great. I just love hitting a big multiplier and having the host read out my name, it’s a buzz.”

>>> Samantha : “I’ve always wanted to be on tv, and now I can play Deal or No Deal at home, and its super fun. I can’t wait to get my call and see what’s in my box, I can’t sit down, I’m so excited.”

>>>> Martha : “Sitting at home and getting to play all these games is a real treat, some of the wheels look amazing and I love the candy one. There are always people to chat to or the host, and it makes it feel so nice.”

Our opinion on TV Show Games

With a unique blend of online casino and game shows you can take part in easy-to-play games that are a huge amount of fun.

With a simple lottery-style game that needs no experience, you can join the action fast.

Enjoy the experience of a live dealer with the buzz of being in a TV show, it’s a thrill ride.

Stunning studios, graphics, and bonus games keep you in the action and there’s always a wheel spinning.

Casino TV shows are brilliant, find one you love and give it a go!

TV Show Games FAQ

TV Show games are a group of live games filmed in a studio, Open to all players with simple games that don’t have many rules like baccarat or blackjack (more information here)

Yes, you can play these in many Legal Casinos in Ontario.

You can play anywhere on any mobile, with the same quality as online (read here)

The RTP varies between each game, but the average is around 97% (check each game individually)

Some of the most popular games are Crazy Time, Monopoly Live and Deal or No Deal (Top TV show Games here)