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What’s the Best Roulette Strategy?

Before you play live dealer roulette for real money, you should consider the various roulette strategies that can help you win more often. We’ve tried and tested the following strategies, and in this review, we’ll show you how to use the most popular roulette strategies, the pros and cons of each one, and, most importantly, whether any of them really work or not.

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

This roulette strategy is probably the most famous of them all. It’s talked about widely across the internet, and one of the reasons for its infamy is that in the short-term, it really can help you win roulette.

The Martingale strategy involves doubling down when you lose an even-money bet. For example, if you bet £1 on black and lose, bet £2 on the next bet. If you lose again, bet £4, then £8, and so on, until you win.

The important things to know about the Martingale strategy for roulette are:

  • It can only be used on even-money outside bets like red or black, odds or evens, and high or low numbers.
  • It really does work mathematically, but as the losing streak gets bigger, the losses grow quickly.
  • The Martingale roulette system fails when you hit a table limit. Therefore, it’s better to play high stake roulette games like Salon Privé when using it.

If you want to test the Martingale strategy for yourself, do so on the high-limits live dealer roulette tables at Mr Green.

The Paroli Roulette Strategy

This one is often called the “Reverse Martingale” roulette strategy. This is because it does the exact opposite of the Martingale strategy. This time, you double your bets after a win on an even-money bet.

For example, let’s pretend that you’ve bet £1 on red and won. On the next bet, you would bet £2. If you win again, double down and bet £4. However, that’s where the Paroli roulette system ends. After three consecutive wins, you should stop doubling down and reset the system.

Here are some facts about the Paroli roulette strategy:

  • Like the Martingale system, it can only be used on even-money bets. Red or black, odds or evens, and high or low numbers are the only bets you should make with this strategy.
  • This system does work, but if you lose one bet in the sequence, you’ll wipe out all of your wins plus your initial stake.
  • To take maximum advantage of this system, you should bet as much as possible on the first bet. For example, if you usually bet £1 per spin, try betting £10 per spin, then doubling to £20 and then £40 before resetting.

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

If you’re looking for a less risky live dealer roulette strategy, this is one to consider. Unlike the previous two, it does not involve taking excessive risk, and even though it’s still a progressive roulette system, it’s much safer than most of them.

In the D’Alembert roulette system, you increase your bets by one currency unit after a loss, and you reduce it by one after a loss. For example, if you bet £1 and lose, increase your bet to £2 and try again. If you lose again, increase your bet to £3. If you win, reduce the following bet to £2, and so on.

Here are some D’Alembert roulette strategy tips:

  • As with the previous strategies discussed here, you should use this one on even-money bets.
  • While there is less risk involved in this system, likewise, the rewards will be slightly smaller. Risk and reward come hand in hand.
  • You can decide what one currency unit means. In our example, we used £1, but you could start at £10, and increase your bets to £20, £30, £40, and so on. It depends on your bankroll size, and this strategy can be tailored to suit your needs.

Try the D’Alembert system on live dealer roulette by Playtech. Slots Million is the casino you’ll want to play at.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Have you heard of the Fibonacci number sequence? It’s a famous sequence where the next number in the series is the sum total of the previous two. And yes, there’s a roulette strategy based on it.

To use the Fibonacci sequence in roulette, just follow the series and bet with it. If you bet £1 and lose, bet £1 again. If you lose again, bet £2 (1+1). If you lose again, bet £3 (1+2), then £5 (2+3), and so on until you win. When you eventually win, move back two numbers in the sequence.

These are some important facts about the Fibonacci roulette system:

  • Even though it’s based on an infamous mathematical number sequence, it doesn’t guarantee any wins. Don’t go overboard with it.
  • As you might have noticed from the example above, your winning bet doesn’t necessarily cover all of your previous losses. You need to keep using the strategy until you cover your losses and win extra money.
  • As with the other progressive roulette strategies, losses can grow quickly. Always decide how much you’re willing to lose before you walk away and stick to it.

Now you know all about Roulette Strategies, let’s play !

The Best Roulette Strategies – Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your goals, your appetite for risk, and other factors. For growing wins, the Paroli strategy is best. For clawing back losses, the Martingale is best. For slow and steady progress without much risk, the D’Alembert or Fibonacci systems will work well.

Yes. The live dealers don’t mind. These strategies don’t actually change the house edge of roulette, so the house will still make a profit in the end. You can use any of these strategies at our recommended live roulette sites.

No. There’s no such thing as a perfect roulette strategy. The house edge will still be 2.6% in European roulette and 5.27% in American roulette. These strategies won’t change that.