Baccarat Squeeze from Evolution

Evolution was the first to bring live dealer baccarat online. Not one to rest on its successes; it has released several baccarat variants since. Baccarat Squeeze involves 15 HD cameras and is focused on the squeeze when the cards are revealed.

In this Baccarat Squeeze review, we’ll show you how this game works, the pros and cons of playing it, and much more.

Baccarat Squeeze – Key Features

  • Baccarat Squeeze is powered by Evolution. That means you can trust it. The game is both safe and high-quality.
  • 15 HD cameras give you angles of every element of the game with special angles focusing on the squeeze for extra excitement.
  • Multiple baccarat side bets are available for extra winning opportunities. See below for side bet details.
  • Baccarat roads show historical game results and help you find patterns more easily. You can also keep track of your own betting history easily.
  • High stakes betting limits of up to £10,000 per hand make this game suitable for high stakes players. However, there are higher minimum bets. See below for more details.

How Baccarat Squeeze Works

Let us take you through a play-by-play of what will happen if you choose to play Baccarat Squeeze. As you’ll see, even first-time baccarat players will find this easy and intuitive.

  • When you first sit down at the gold baccarat table, you’ll be welcomed by a professional live dealer in the dedicated game studio. A digital game board will pop up on the screen.
  • Use the digital game board to place your wagers before the betting window closes. As usual, you can bet on Player, Banker, or Tie as well as some of the optional side bets.
  • The camera angle will change to a close-up of the dealer drawing the cards. Four cards will be dealt face down – two to the Player and two to the Banker.
  • At this stage, the camera angle will switch again. You’ll see extra close views of the cards as the dealer reveals them. When the final card is about to be turned over, the dealer will pause and turn it over slowly, adding to the suspense of the game.
  • Finally, payouts will be made to winners and losers will forfeit their chips to the casino. A new round of betting will then begin. The process described above repeats itself as long as you keep playing.

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Baccarat Squeeze – Extra Features

There are a few interesting extra features in this game. These little things are what make Evolution the best.

  • Historical Results – You can see results for hundreds of previous bets and a historical record of your own bets. You can see these results in multiple views to help you make better baccarat bets.
  • Bet Percentages – The digital game board is interactive and will show you how other players are betting. For example, you might see that 80% of players are wagering on the Banker. This can help you decide what to bet on.
  • Chat Feature – You can interact with the dealer and write messages on the screen through the live chat feature. This makes the game more social.

Are There Any Negatives to Baccarat Squeeze?

It’s difficult to find a live dealer casino game which suits every player. Since everyone has individual preferences, some perceive the following points as pros, but some perceive them as cons. You can decide for yourself, but we wanted to list the potential negatives here.

  • Slower Pace – Some players find the suspense and drama of this game to be time-consuming. If you prefer fast-paced games, try Speed Baccarat or Dragon Tiger instead. They take half the time of a regular hand of baccarat.
  • High Minimums – This game has minimum bets of £5. This can be a little high for some players. If it’s too high for you, try regular live baccarat with minimum bets of £1 instead.
  • Multiple Angles – This baccarat variant has a lot of different camera angles. While some players enjoy this, others find it disorienting and prefer a simple straight-on view of the dealer and game table.

Baccarat Squeeze – Side Bets

On the digital game board, you’ll notice a few side bets alongside the regular Player, Banker, and Tie bets. Note that these are optional, meaning you don’t have to place them, and some casinos don’t offer them.

  • Pairs – You can bet on either the Player or Banker getting a pair for 11:1 payouts.
  • Bonus Bets – If the Player or Banker wins with an eight or a nine by at least four points, bonus bets win.
  • Perfect Pairs – If you bet on the Player or Banker to get a perfect pair, you can win up to 200:1 if both get perfect pairs.

Baccarat Squeeze – Player’s Verdict

If you find the squeeze exciting, this game is worth the extra cost of playing. There’s an added element of suspense before the winner is announced, but it will cost you due to the higher minimum bets. It’s a high-quality game set in a gorgeous game studio, and it’s well worth trying if you can afford at least £5 per bet.

Baccarat Squeeze – Frequently Asked Questions

No, like all Evolution Gaming games, this one is honest. You can see everything the dealer does at all times, and the extra close views of the squeeze means you can be sure that no sleight of hand is occurring. This is a safe, trustworthy game.

There is a small selection of New Jersey online casinos which offer games from Evolution Gaming. Check them out if you’re in the state of NJ and you want to play.

No, it’s a 100% private experience. You can see the dealer, but she can’t see you, and players can’t see each other. However, you can all interact via the live chat feature.

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Baccarat Squeeze Comes to MrGreen

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With its introduction of the card squeezing element, Baccarat Squeeze is one of Evolution Gaming’s most exciting products yet. Experienced croupiers are on hand to deal cards, face down and from different angles. MrGreen