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Monopoly Live: A 3D Wheel of Fortune with a live host

Monopoly Live is an Evolution Gaming Wheel of FortuneThe Monopoly Live game is a wheel of fortune adapted for the famous Hasbro board game. In February 2019, Evolution launched an innovative game, a mixture of a real game with a live host and a random number generator game.

So the Monopoly Live Wheel of Fortune incorporates 3D animations from a studio. The result is amazing. The 3D graphics of Mr Monopoly with his black hat, his white moustache and his stick walking in a real studio are breathtaking.

The game is hosted by a person with a real wheel placed in the middle of a studio in a setting worthy of one of the major production studios.

Evolution has carried off a major coup by signing a partnership with Hasbro to offer a high class Wheel of Fortune with the chance of winning up to €500 000.

Considering the popularity of the Dream Catcher Wheel of Fortune, Evolution Gaming has done much better with Monopoly Live, which is guaranteed great success!

Live Dealers Casino has tested this game for you and this is a review of monopoly Live.

How the Monopoly Live Wheel of fortune works

Evolution Gaming’s game Monopoly Live comes from a studio. The New York based decor is sumptuous. There is a wheel in the middle of the studio and the game has a host. As its name implies, Monopoly Live is a live game filmed in real time. Mr. Monopoly, a 3D character sitting on an armchair, appears on the left of the screen. Sometimes you see him reading a newspaper and others drinking a coffee.

The Monopoly Live Wheel

The wheel is made up of 54 zones with a number or a price. So there are:

  • 22 times the number 1
  • 15 times the number 2
  • 7 times the number 5
  • 4 times the number 10
  • 3 times Rolls 2 (Bonus game)
  • 2 Chance numbers
  • 1 Rolls 4 (Mega Bonus game)
  • Bets on the Wheel of Fortune

The Monopoly Live wheel bets are: €1, €5, €25, €100, €500 and €1000. You just click on the chosen bet and then on the number.

Odds on the Evolution Gaming version of the Monopoly Wheel of Fortune

The odds vary greatly depending on the segment of the wheel. This is due to the probability of where the pointer situated over the wheel stops. The number 1 is found most frequently on the wheel. So the odds are lower than for other numbers that appear less often on the wheel. These are the odds at which players might win:

  • Bet on 1 – 1:1
  • Bet on 2 – 2:1
  • Bet on 5 – 5:1
  • Bet on 10 – 10 :1
  • Bet on the Chance segment – Random cash prize with a multiplicator
  • Bet on Rolls 2 (2 spins) – up to €500 000
  • Bet on Rolls 4 (4 spins) – up to €500 000

Monopoly game 3D graphics

When the pointer stops on numbers 1,2,5,and 10 nothing happens. On the other hand, when the pointer stops on the Chance segment, Rolls 2 and Rolls 4, Mr. Monopoly becomes active. He gets out of his armchair and then one can see Evolution Gaming’s remarkable 3D work.

Mr. Monopoly is sent into the Monopoly game and becomes a counter. Two die are combined in a random manner and depending on the amount on the two die, Mr. Monopoly jumps from space to space. With multiplicators, one can win big even up to €500 000. You’ll be just as amazed by the 3D graphics as we are. As regards graphics, Monopoly Live is no doubt the best live game that we have played.

Monopoly Live video

It’s good to see Monopoly Live in action in this video. You can see the wheel spinning and the large prizes. In the video, the Chance number appears once and you can see Mr. Monopoly in action.

Unfortunately while filming the video, the pointer didn’t stop on Rolls 2 or Rolls 4 so we couldn’t show you the 3D animation and the Monopoly gaming setting wth its multiplicators. However, we have put some screen shots of the game.

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