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We’re committed to bringing you practical, useful, and logical tips for the casino table games we talk about on this site. On this page, you’ll find some of the best blackjack tips to help you win more often. 

We don’t promote unproven betting systems, game hacks or cracks, or anything illegal or underhanded. All of our tips are based on experience playing blackjack and can be used by both beginners and advanced players.

Learn and Use Basic Blackjack Strategy

The only blackjack strategy you need to pay any attention to is known as “Basic Strategy.” It has been tried and tested by professional blackjack players all over the world, and it’s the only strategy that will really help you. Basic blackjack strategy tells you what to do in every scenario. It doesn’t matter what cards the dealer has, what your first two cards are, or how many decks you’re playing with; this strategy will tell you what to do.

The best way to learn basic blackjack strategy is to download a cheat sheet and practice at one of our approved live dealer casinos. You could even play some of the digital games in demo mode until you feel comfortable with basic strategy. When you’re ready, play for real money at the live blackjack tables.

This strategy won’t tilt the odds in your favour, but it will reduce the house edge to under 0.5% when you use it without making mistakes. That is a tiny fractional advantage, so with a little bit of luck, you have a real chance to make money playing blackjack with this strategy.

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Play Blackjack Games with Liberal Rules

One of the best things about playing live blackjack online is the different game variants you can choose from. You can play classic games with simple rules, or you could play an interesting variant like Quantum Blackjack with multipliers of up to 1,000x.

However, when choosing a game, make sure to pick one with liberal rules which give you as many advantages as possible. For example:

  • Play games which pay 3:2 for natural blackjack.
  • Make sure you have the option to surrender.
  • Games where the dealer stands on soft 17 are good for you.

There are so many different blackjack variants. It’s hard to count them all. Learning the rules to every single one of them is impossible. However, you can always read the in-game rules and descriptions to make sure you’re playing a game which favours you.

Avoid These Rookie Blackjack Mistakes

Blackjack is not a game of pure chance. You can get better at it with experience and by developing your playing skills. You can also learn tips for blackjack from more experienced players who can tell you what mistakes to avoid.

Here are three common errors that many new blackjack players make:

  • Don’t split a high pair. For example, don’t split two tens. You’re highly likely to win with a hand worth 20. Splitting it is detrimental.
  • Avoid taking the insurance bet. If the dealer has an up-facing ace, so what? It’s much more probable that she doesn’t have blackjack. She’ll need a 10, jack, queen, or king for natural blackjack. It’s unlikely that she has it.
  • Never stand on soft 17. It’s impossible to bust on this hand, but many new players don’t know the difference between soft and hard hands, so they mistakenly stand on a soft 17.
  • Don’t stray away from the basic strategy when you start wagering bigger amounts. Some inexperienced players get nervous when making big bets. Stick to the math-based basic strategy that is tried and tested.
  • Likewise, never go all in, it’s wise to bet only 1% of your bankroll per hand until you have a decent amount of house money. Then, and only then, should you start taking bigger risks. This is intelligent bankroll management, and it’s one of the best online blackjack tips we can offer you.

Useful Information: In case you didn’t know, a soft hand contains an ace. For example, a soft 17 is an ace and a 6. If you request a hit and get another 6, will you go bust? No, because the ace will be played as a 1 in that situation.

Play With Real Money Blackjack Bonuses

This is probably the best casino blackjack tip on this list. The fastest way to double your bankroll is to grab a welcome bonus from one of our top-rated blackjack sites.

Every bonus must be wagered before you can withdraw it, but that’s standard practice. We’ve made sure that you can play live blackjack with these bonuses, and that the wagering requirements are fair. We’re not saying you will beat them, but we are saying that you have a fair chance to do so.

Why pass up on an offer to place double the number of bets, or bets twice as big, with no extra risk to your deposit? If you only follow one blackjack tip on this list, let it be this one. A fair blackjack welcome bonus will always be to your advantage.

Blackjack Tips & Tricks – Live Dealer or Digital?

These quick blackjack tips will work on both live dealer and digital games. So, which should you play?

For us, live dealer games win this debate every time. While the minimum bets will cost a little more, the social element of the games and some of the fantastic variants mean live dealer blackjack games are the better choice every time. When you play live blackjack:

  • You can play with beautiful live dealers from around the world.
  • You’ll have a more social gaming experience.
  • It’s possible to choose from lots of interesting game variants.

We recommend starting with Quantum Blackjack by Playtech. View a list of our approved live casinos to see where you can play it with a fresh welcome bonus now.

Blackjack Tips – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and we recommend that you do so in the beginning. However, there’s no substitute for learning it properly. You should try to memorize it as soon as possible.

You can, but it’s difficult. Most games are played with six or eight decks and are often shuffled continuously. Also, casinos don’t like card counters and will ban you if you get caught.

Unlike digital casino games, you can’t try the live games for free. That’s because they cost a lot of money to operate. Think about the dealer’s salary, the studio lighting, and all of the other expenses. It’s economically impossible to offer free live dealer games.