Gold Bar Roulette Live by Evolution

With Gold Bar Roulette Live, Evolution Gaming has once again shown us why they’re the leading live casino game developer. This game, which dropped in July 2022, takes their series of innovative live roulette titles a step further.

Instead of the random multipliers seen in past releases, players can earn gold bars which lead to payouts of up to 88x!

What is Gold Bar Roulette Live?

Gold Bar Roulette Live is an exciting take on the traditional European Roulette wheel. Hosted by sharply dressed presenters in a luxurious golden studio, this live dealer title introduces a completely unique concept. Not only can you bet with regular chips, but there are gold bars in play offering payouts of 88x your bet.

Evolution has already released a string of live casino games which place a creative twist on the standard roulette wheel. Lightning Roulette, for instance, first introduced the concept of enhanced payouts on certain numbers. 

But with Gold Bar Roulette Live, there’s nothing random about these increased wins. That’s because you are in control of choosing which numbers should receive the 88x boost!

Gold Bar Roulette Live Rules

The basic premise is extremely simple. All of the action takes place on a European style roulette wheel with a single zero pocket. Bets are placed before the live dealer spins a ball around the wheel. Whichever number the ball rests on is declared the winner. 

Every betting element in Gold Bar Roulette Live is identical to the classic game, with just two exceptions. Firstly, the traditional single number payout of 35 to 1 is reduced to 19 to 1. But in return, you’ll be able to bet using gold bars, which pay a massive 88 to 1.

Collecting Gold Bars

At the beginning of the game, you won’t actually possess any gold bars. The only way you can acquire them is to place winning bets on single numbers. Whenever you achieve this, in addition to winning 19x your stake, you’ll also receive bars of gold.

The number of gold bars you’ll accrue on any given spin is chosen randomly. Once the ball starts to revolvel, the game show host opens up the studio’s bank vault. This reveals a random amount of gold bullion, with anything from 1 to 20 bars contained within. Win a single number bet and you’ll pick up the corresponding number of gold bars.

Betting With Gold Bars

But what are the gold bars actually worth? Well, their values are not fixed and it actually depends upon the size of the winning bet which earned you the gold bar. So if you placed $10 on a single number and managed to win, all of the gold bars collected on that spin boast a value of $10.

However, as you continue to accumulate further gold bars, the value of each will vary. That’s because their individual worth is an average of all the gold bars in your possession. For example, if you earn four gold bars worth $10 and then add six more worth $5, your 10 gold bars are now worth $7 each.

Whenever you use a gold bar to bet on a single number, you’ll substitute the regular payout of 19 to 1 for an 88x multiplier. And if you’re lucky enough to win, that 88x is multiplied by the aforementioned average value of your gold bars. So if your gold is worth $7 and you placed one on the winning number, you’d receive a whopping $616!


As we previously mentioned, the classic European Roulette wheel payouts apply in this game. The only difference is that the straight up single number pays just 19 to 1. Here are the full Gold Bar Roulette Live payouts:

Inside Bets Outside Bets
Wager Payout Wager Payout
Gold Bar 88 to 1 Red/Black 1 to 1
Single Number 19 to 1 Odd/Even 1 to 1
Line 5 to 1 1 to 18 Group 1 to 1
Corner 8 to 1 19 to 36 Group 1 to 1
Street 11 to 1 1st Dozen 2 to 1
Split 17 to 1 2nd Dozen 2 to 1
3rd Dozen 2 to 1

Gameplay Example 

Here’s an example of how a game round plays out.

  • Place Bets. Position your regular chips or gold bars around the layout.
  • Betting ends. When betting time expires, the ball is sent spinning around the wheel.
  • Gold reveal. With the ball moving, the dealer shows how much gold is in the vault.
  • Collect winnings. After the ball settles into a pocket, winners are paid automatically.

Gold Bar Roulette Live For Mobile

Fans of mobile casino gaming will be delighted to learn that Gold Bar Roulette Live is accessible via smartphone and tablet devices. If your preferred casino has a mobile app, simply download it to enjoy this exciting and unique live casino game.

Alternatively, most top mobile casinos today allow you to play from your phone’s browser. Sites such as Betiton are designed with a mobile-first approach. This means you can play from your smartphone or tablet with no loss of functionality or graphical quality.

FAQ Gold Bar Roulette

Leading live casino game supplier Evolution created Gold Bar Roulette Live. This release is just one in a long line of ingenious live roulette titles which offer an exciting and fun twist on a classic casino game.

The Gold Bar Roulette Live rules are largely the same as those of traditional European Roulette. However, there’s one major difference. By betting with gold bars, you can bag enormous payouts of 88x your stake. See further up the page for the full game rules.

It’s very simple. Place your bets using chips, exactly as you would at a European Roulette table. As you play, you’ll earn gold bars which act as 88x multiplier chips. You can read the full Gold Bar Roulette Live rules elsewhere in this guide.

According to the game’s developer Evolution Gaming, the Gold Bar Roulette Live RTP is fixed at 97.10%. That payout rate implies that for every $10 placed in bets, the game returns $9.71 to bettors.

Absolutely! You can enjoy this game on any iOS, Android or Windows device, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet. All of Evolution Gaming’s live dealer titles can be played at mobile casinos. We recommend Betiton due to its MGA licence, on-site security and selection of trusted payment methods.