Prosperity Tree Baccarat By Evolution Software

Experience a classic Baccarat with a golden twist in a stunning game from Evolution. Watch as the golden multiplier cards fall from the tree, giving you the chance to win with up to 3,645X!

Discover how much fun this Baccarat is with your favourite online casino in Ontario today.

What is Prosperity Tree Baccarat?

Baccarat is a much-loved card game, where the goal is to get as close to 9 as you can with 2 or 3 cards. This version of the game comes with the addition of golden cards with multipliers, giving you the chance to win big prizes.

Brought to you from a stunning high-quality studio, this live dealer baccarat looks beautiful, and uses a mix of augmented reality and a real table to provide you with an immersive experience.

The betting area is really clear, and you can see a variety of different roadmaps to help you make your decisions.

At the beginning of each round, 8 different prosperity cards will be created by the game, these cards are taken from a standard 52 card deck.

Each of golden card will have either a X2 or X3 multiplier on them and if that card is drawn the multiplier is added. If more than one golden card is dealt, the bonuses stack.

This gives the game an average RTP of 98.89%, and you could potentially get three 3X cards in a hand, leading to some pretty big payouts. To cover the bonuses in the game, every time you place a bet there will be a 20% fee deducted, so bear that in mind when playing.

How To Play Prosperity Tree Baccarat

This online Baccarat uses the traditional eight decks of 52 cards in a shoe, alongside the virtual golden cards. When each round begins you will have 15 seconds to place your bet, you decide how much and where with your chips at the bottom of the screen.

Also, the goal in Baccarat is to bet on either the Banker or the Player getting the winning hand, you can also side bet on either getting a pair. If you wager correctly, you will get a payout of 1:1, but if there is a golden card it could go up to 27:1.

A side bet will pay more, but there is a lower chance of a pair being drawn.

The winning hand is the one where the cards dealt are closest to the total of 9. In this game 2 cards are dealt first, and face cards count as 0, so a draw of queen and seven, would be a total hand of 7.

If the total of the first 2 cards is over 10, a third card is drawn, and you subtract 10 from the total. If the result after 3 cards is a draw, you get your bet back.

If you’re new to Baccarat or an old hand, this game is a fun way to play, with a chance to get great multipliers. The look and feel are stunning, and with it’s clear betting board you can easily see what’s going on.

This is a really good online baccarat to play, and you can find it in a range of online casinos in Ontario.

Prosperity Tree Baccarat FAQ

This is a live dealer Evolution game set in a studio.

On average the RTP is 98.89%, with variation in individual bets from 92.53% to 98.89%.

Yes ! You can enjoy this online baccarat in any legal Ontario casino.

Yes.You can enjoy this online game on any IOS or Android device in stunning HTML5.

This is a classic casino card game with added golden cards full of multipliers.