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Lightning Lotto Game Features

  • Software – Evolution
  • Date of Launch – September 2023
  • Target players – Beginners, experienced, VIP’S.
  • Minimum Ticket Price – $0.01 to $50.00 per ticket.
  • Fast paced luck game with no complicated rules.
  • Up to 10,000X multiplier for huge prizes

Lightning Lotto Introduction

Experience fast-paced online lotto with huge multipliers in a stunning easy to play TV Show game.

Play with up to 100 tickets and enjoy the awesome power of lightning numbers to boost your prizes. If you’re a fan of live lottery games, then this is the place to be.

With a stunning setting you’re invited to a enjoy a vibrant live lottery. Mix in a chance to win a bonus up to 10,000X you’re in for a thrilling time.

Daub your tickets, watch your winning cards as more numbers are called and then go again in this simple but enchanting game.

Buying Tickets

To play, you need to get yourself some tickets. Each ticket has five numbers between 1 to 25 and a powerball number from 1 to 9.

You have 4 options when buying tickets, to get 1 ticket, 25 tickets 50 tickets or 100 tickets.

You place a wager per ticket, which can be as little as $0.01 each, up to a maximum of $50.00. You then buy a number of tickets at that price, for example if you wager $2 per ticket and buy 225, you’ll wager a total of $50.

The Lightning Number

Now the fun begins, in EVERY game there will be a Lightning Number (or sometimes 2). These numbers will have a multiplier between 2X and 10X, if that number is called and lands on your card, you get that multiplier.

If both numbers are called on your card both multipliers are added together. To win on any single card you need 3 numbers, the more you match the bigger your prize, and they all get bonuses if the lightning numbers called.

The final exciting finish to each round is the Power Number, this is a single ball from 1 to 10 in a separate machine.

If you land this number, it will add a multiplier to the whole card, giving you chance to win huge prizes.

How to Play Lightning Lotto

To enjoy the game, you’ll need to register with a legal casino in Ontario. To do so, you create an account with your favourite username, and add in your personal details. You’ll also need to give them your payment details.

When you enter the game, you’re transported to the studio where the host will call the numbers, chat to you and generally create a fun place to play. You see the 2 lotto machines either side of the host and the Lightning Number generator.

At the bottom of the screen, you have the 4 card number selections, from 1 to 100 as well as the option to increase or decrease the wager. Simply set the amount per ticket and press the number you want.

There’s also the option to double the bet for higher costs per ticket, autobet and cancel if you want. Once you buy the tickets you have them all arranged in front of you, and if you get a lightning number on your ticket it moves to the top.

As the game plays out and the balls are called, they will get a daub on that number.  Any cards you have numbers on will flash to the top. If you get multipliers or have a card with a lot of daubs, then it moves up always showing you the best of your tickets.

Once the game is over you can bet again, either changing the amount, number of tickets or just press repeat. You can also chat with the host and other players while the lotto happens. This can be a really fun place to be.

Strategies for Online Lotto

As this is a lottery with no complicated rules, you’re relying on luck to get your wins. Having said that there are a few things you can do to both enjoy the game and stretch your bankroll further.

The probability of getting 6 numbers is quite low, so when making wagers take into account that the wins won’t often be big ones, but when it does get a hight multiplier it’s great. Obviously more cards will get you a higher chance to win, but constantly getting 100 will eat your roll.

If you have less tickets (say 25) but bet a higher amount on those cards, you’ll get better rewards when you hit any kind of multiplier. This is a slow game, with a chance to huge payouts, but relax and enjoy rather than burn your roll for a win.

How to Maximise your chances

  • Play slow and enjoy the host and the game.
  • Bet within your bankroll and buy a sensible number of tickets.
  • Wager a little higher on less cards for bigger returns on a multiplier.
  • Take regular breaks.

Mobile : iOS and Android

You can enjoy online lotto anywhere you want with this game and its stream quality is really good and the crystal-clear graphics really shine.

Play on Android or IOS using the latest HTML5 technology. Playing is easy on any touchscreen and this game is great on the go.


>>> James : “This is a game-changer! The thrill of the lightning-fast numbers keeps me on the edge of my seat, turning every draw into an electrifying experience!

>>> Thomas : “Playing this game turned me into a winner in a flash! The adrenaline rush when my lucky number hit was pure excitement.

>>> Evelyn : “I really enjoy being here, this isn’t just a game; it’s a full-on fiesta! The host’s lively spirit sets the tone for a fantastic gaming experience.

Our Opinion of Lightning Lotto

This is a fun game to play, especially if you love a good lotto game. The Lightning Numbers add a great bonus, and when you get two of them it’s a thrill. It’s super easy to play, just select your number of tickets and enjoy the show.

The studio and hosts are awesome, and the vibrant chat is what really makes this a fun place to be.

Lightning Lotto FAQ

Lightning Lotto is an online lottery filmed in a studio with a live dealer.

Absolutely, you can play this game in any legal online casinos Ontario.

Evolution Software is the developer of the game.

Available on both IOS and Android in stunning HTML5 you can play on any mobile device.