Power Blackjack

Power Blackjack Review

Power Blackjack is the latest live dealer card game from Evolution. It’s part of its infinite series, meaning this game can host unlimited numbers of players at the same table. It also offers the chance to double, triple, or quadruple down in some situations, and has four potentially lucrative side bets.

In this Power Blackjack review, we’ll show you how to play, the key features of this new live blackjack game, its pros and cons, how the side bets work, and more.

Power Blackjack – Key Features

  • This game is powered by Evolution Gaming. Since this is the number one live games company in the world, you can expect a high-quality  experience.
  • Power Blackjack can host an unlimited number of players at the same time because it uses communal cards. You won’t have to wait for a seat at the table.
  • This blackjack game is played with 8 decks, and all 9s and 10s have been removed.
  • When you get identical cards (for example, two 10 of hearts), you can double, triple, or quadruple down. You can do this even if you split the cards.
  • Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3, and Bust It side bets give you four extra opportunities to make money. We’ll explain these bets in a dedicated section below.
  • Bets start at £1 and go up to £5,000 at most of our approved live dealer casinos.

How Power Blackjack Works

As regular readers will know, we always play the games and test them ourselves so that we can create fair, honest, and accurate reviews. If you play Power Blackjack, this is a summary of what you’ll experience.

  • When you enter the studio, you’ll sit at a royal blue blackjack table with a close-up frontal view of the table and the live dealer. She’ll welcome you to the game and will invite you to place your bets.
  • When the next betting window opens, you can place your wager on the standard bet and/or any of the four side bets. Chips denominations range from £1 to £500.
  • The dealer will burn the top card taken from the shoe, and she’ll deal herself two cards as well as two digital community cards. These community cards are what enable infinite numbers of players to participate in the game.
  • At this point, every player makes their own decision about what to do next. If you really like your hand, you can double, triple, or even quadruple down. That’s optional, though. Feel free to play your standard bet if you prefer. You can also hit, stand, or you can possibly split your cards at this point.
  • The dealer will then burn another card, will turn over her down-facing hole card, and, if necessary, will deal herself another card.
  • This final stage is when the showdown occurs. Remember, it doesn’t matter what the other players do or have done. This game is between you and the dealer. All you have to do is make a hand closer to 21 without exceeding it, and you win.

Online Blackjack – Side Bets

Let’s take a closer look at the Power Blackjack side bets. We’ll cover both how they work and what you could potentially win if you make them.

  • Hot 3 – This is a bet on whether the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card total 19,20,21 or are three 7s. It can pay up to 100:1 for 7-7-7.
  • 21+3 – This is a mini-game of three-card poker based on the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card. It can pay up to 100:1 for suited trips.
  • Any Pair – If your first two cards are a pair, this bet pays. A standard pair wins you 7:1, and a suited pair wins you 20:1.
  • Bust It – If the dealer busts, you win this bet. Payouts of up to 250:1 are possible in the rare event that she busts with 8 or more cards.

For a full overview of all of the potential outcomes and payouts related to these Power Blackjack side bets, view the paytable within the game. The above are the maximum possible payouts.

Are There Any Negatives to Power Blackjack?

Everything is relative, and what some people find to be a benefit, others consider a drawback. Here are some of the potential downsides to this game.

  • Communal Cards – While this doesn’t negatively affect the game in any way, some players just don’t like the setup. There’s nothing to be said about this. It’s a matter of taste.
  • Removal of 9s and 10s – 9s and 10s are some of the best cards for building strong blackjack hands. Some players don’t like this version of the game because these cards are removed.
  • No Six Card Charlie – In many blackjack games, if you get 6 cards without going bust, you automatically win or receive a payout. That’s known as Six Card Charlie. This does not apply to Power Blackjack.

Power Blackjack – Player’s Verdict

This is a fun blackjack game, and we’re happy to recommend it. We know it won’t suit every player, but that’s to be expected. We think Evolution Gaming will continue to expand its “Infinite” series of games, and this is certainly an excellent addition to that growing selection. Give it a try at one of our approved live dealer blackjack casinos now.

Frequently Asked Questions – Power Blackjack

No, the first cards are dealt by a Random Number Generator. Everything else is regularly tested by the UK Gambling Commission and other regulators who have issued Evolution Gaming’s licences.

Most casinos don’t offer free live dealer games. They cost too much to operate. Instead, you can watch the game until you’re ready to jump in and play for real money.

We recommend playing this game at PlayFrank online casino. It has a full selection of Evolution Gaming live games. If you’re interested, you can read our in-depth PlayFrank review here.

News about Power Blackjack

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