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Game Features

  • Software – Evolution.
  • Date of Launch – November 2023.
  • Target players – Beginners, experienced, VIP’S.
  • Minimum Spin – $0.10 up to a max bet of $3,750.
  • Win on slots and play the bonus Pachinko game with up to 10,000X Multiplier.
  • Easy-to-play luck game, no complicated rules to learn.

Crazy Pachinko Introduction

Enjoy thrilling slots with a Crazy Time bonus game. Dive into a luck-based game with no complicated rules and take a spin on a 5-reel slot.

If you get 3 scatter symbols, you’re off into the pachinko lobby where you can add extra multipliers, and play for up to 10,000X your prize.

The Slot Machine

A classic fruity slot machine with 5 x 3 symbol reels filled with cherries, scatters and wilds. There are 10 fixed paylines, and you place a bet for each of these winning chances.

The minimum bet is $0.10, so with a minimum bet, you wager a total of $1. You can wager up to a total bet of $3,750.

The payouts per symbol are:

Symbol 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
Wild 5X 10X 20X
Bell 5X 10X 20X
Cherry 2X 6X 12X
A 0.6X 1.5X 3X
K 05.X 1.3X 2.5X
Q 0.4X 1X 2X
J 0.3X 0.7X 1.5X

This means that if you bet $1, win on 5 x A Symbol, you would win a total of $3 on that spin. A wild symbol also counts as any other payout icon, so if you have 2 x J symbol and 1 Wild, you will have a 3 X J win.

There is also the option to skip the random side and use the XXXTreme feature to guarantee you a spot in the bonus round, but this will cost you a fixed price, which is higher than you would wager if spinning normally.

The Scatter Symbol

Where the game gets really exciting is the scatter symbol, the ‘Crazy P’. If you get 3 of these appear across all your reels, you will qualify for the bonus game. These scatters will slowly fall down the board until they vanish.

Each of these also has a chance to come with its own multiplier, from x2 upwards. This will multiply ALL of the bonuses at the bottom of the pachinko board (more on that in a moment). This could get you a massive payout.

The Crazy Pachinko Bonus Game

The bonus game is a pachinko wall, where you will have your slot machine prize multiplied by the number the puck lands in, at the bottom of the wall. It’s really easy to play the game where your prize is determined by luck.

The way it works is simple, the live presenter will drop the puck down a wall covered in pins. The pins move the ball around, and where it lands is your prize.

Once you qualify for the bonus game, there are 2 ways to increase your prize with multipliers. The first part is the chance to ‘Top Up’ your pachinko bucket at the bottom. You will bet from your bankroll and spin a special slot that will drop extra multipliers into the wall.

Once the ‘Top Up’ finishes, the wall will fill with numbers from 10X up to a maximum of 5,000X. There is also at least 1 ‘Double’ symbol that will double all the bonuses and drop another puck, giving the maximum of a 10,000X multiplier.

Once all the multipliers are stacked up your prize will appear on the screen. Because getting 3 scatter symbols is a win, you will get a MINIMUM of 10X your bet, so every bonus game entry win is a profit (before the ‘Top Up’ game).

How to Play Crazy Pachinko

Once you find a legal casino in Ontario, you can register with your personal details and set up your account. Most of the time it’s info like your name, address etc, as well as using a form of payment like credit card or Paysafe.

From there, you can jump right into the action, the initial slot machine is really easy to use. With a big greens pin button, you can begin to hunt the bonus game. To set your bet, there is a button to increase or decrease your wager per line.

You can also use the autobet feature in both the regular and ‘Top Up’ slot games, setting a spin limit. Before every spin you will be able to see the total amount you will wager. If you win, the paylines will pop up with your total amount.

Once in the bonus game, the same buttons to control your wager, autobet and spin will be available, but the option changes to show you the multipliers you can add. While you can end up with some very big numbers, each spin also costs you some of your bankroll, so roll with care.

Strategies for Crazy Pachinko

There are a couple of different ways to play this game, but the biggest thing to be aware of is how many spins it takes to get to the bonus game, and the ‘Top Up’ feature and how much you wager there.

When spinning on the slot, take care to stay within your bankroll, this is more of a long-term game with a 96.04% RTP. The base amount you multiply in the bonus game is always 10X your bet, so a $10 bet is a $100 win, and then the bonuses multiply that.

That means, if you then spend $120 trying to get to a 10,000X multiplier, you might end up losing out, so beware. You could also skip the Top Up completely, and just wait for the multipliers from the Pachinko wall.

How to Maximize your chances of a win

  • Use the autobet feature to manage your bankroll.
  • Avoid using the XXXtreme feature, as it may eat more of your bankroll than you need.
  • Pay attention in the ‘Top Up’ phase or skip entirely to preserve bankroll.
  • Don’t play tired, make sure you are getting up and not playing for long periods.

Can I play Crazy Pachinko on Mobile?

With it’s easy gameplay and easy to use controls this game is superb on any mobile device. Enjoy high-quality graphics and simple touch screen controls in glorious HTML5.

Never miss a spin with perfect streaming and connectivity and enjoy the live host commentary.

Available to enjoy on Android and IOS, you can take this thrilling game anywhere.


>>> Alan : “I’ve played my fair share of slots games, but Crazy Pachinko takes the cake with its mind-blowing multipliers! If you’re a fan of watching your winnings skyrocket, this is the place to be.”

>>> Phil : “This is hands down the most exhilarating slots game out there. The live dealers and non-stop action keep me on the edge of my seat. Every spin feels like a thrill ride, and I can’t get enough of it.”

>>> Pam : “Crazy Pachinko seamlessly blends the excitement of traditional pachinko with the convenience of online slots. The nostalgic feel, combined with modern features, makes it a must-play for anyone who appreciates the charm of pachinko.”

Our Opinion of Crazy Pachinko

This game takes slots to a new level, with its guaranteed 10X prizes it can lead to some great wins. If you have the bankroll to ‘Top Up’, you can get some mega bonus multipliers.

As a luck-based game it’s really simple to play as there are no complicated rules. Managing your bankroll and playing uses a simple format and the wins can be thrilling.

Live-hosted Pachinko is great fun, and watching the bonus multipliers slide in is a thrill ride. A stunning addition to the Crazy Time family, this game is one not to miss.

Crazy Pachinko FAQ

Pachinko is a game of chance where a puck is dropped down a wall of pins to land in a slot, there are many different slots, each with a prize or multiplier.

This game was created by Evolution.

Yes, it uses HTML5 and is available on both IOS and Android.

Yes, you can play this game in Ontario through a variety of legal online casinos.

The RTP for a normal spin is 96.04% or 96.05% for an XXXtreme spin.