We have made several videos of different online blackjack tables with live dealers coming direct from studios in Costa Rica, Latvia and several other countries. In these live blackjack videos you can discover the many gaming platforms and appreciate the decors and the welcome from the charming female dealers, you can also play in HD which is available on some software like Evolution Gaming (Blackjack Party). Each software programme has its own specifications and you’ll be able to compare the different settings and get an idea of what’s ahead of you.

There are blackjack tables that can be accessed from land based casinos like the live legal Belgian casino Casino777. This online casino offers a blackjack table in the Spa Casino which is a land based casino in Belgium. Players aren’t physically present in the casino the table is situated in the casino but is only open to online players.

You’ll find the live blackjack videos below and you just need to click on the photo to view it. A list of the best online casinos will appear under the video and these live casinos have the blackjack table that you have viewed.


Online blackjack from studios

All the blackjack tables are in studios situated in different parts of the world from Costa Rica to the Philippines passing through Latvia. At one time blackjack tables were accessible live from Irish land based (Fitzwilliam Casino and Penthouse Casino) casinos but they were withdrawn and we don’t know why. The blackjack tables in these videos come from studios which look exactly like real casinos.

These live blackjack videos give you a precise idea of the blackjack tables that you can visit in one of our many partner casinos. You can be assured of playing in a secure, reliable and serious setting. We must underline the fact that the online casinos in our reference guide pay out players’ winnings once the casino’s terms and conditions are respected.