The Partouche Megapot progressive jackpot was won in the Agon Coutainville Casino and the winner got just under 2.5 million euros. Agon Coutainville Casino offers 51 slot machines including two which are connected to the Partouche group’s progressive jackpot: the Partouche Megapot. On Friday the 23rd of November an inhabitant of Sainte-Mere- Eglise went into this casino as he does from time to time. After gambling for a while, the player bet the maximum amount of 2.5 euros and the rollers stopped on the winning combination: the jackpot sounded. Sirens and lights indicated that the Partouche Megapot had been won and the director of the Agon Coutainville Casino immediately went to the flashing machine to congratulate the winner.The winner is a retired man who works for a humanitarian group and who wishes to open a school in Senegal. This player had planned to contact local businesses to collect the 10 000 euros in funding that he was missing for this project. With this major win the project can easily be carried out and the businesses in the area won’t need to be appealed to in order to open the school.

This new millionaire received a large cheque from the casino director, Frederic Vespier, who was delighted with this win. In fact, the Agon Coutainville Casino is in 140th place out of the 200 land based casinos in France and this progressive jackpot is excellent publicity for the casino. The Partouche Megapot has paid out more than 39 million euros and 18 players have become euro millionaires thanks to this progressive jackpot.

The Partouche Megapot is a progressive jackpot linking 207 slot machines installed in all of the Partouche group’s casinos and in some independent casinos. The Partouche Megapot’s pot is now more than 950 000.