The Vichy 4 Roads Casino gave the winner of the Partouche Megapot a cheque for 1 643 419.45€ on the 14th of April last. This casino in the centre of Vichy has a gaming room with slot machines from 1 cent to 5€, blackjack with a 2€ minimum bet, boule with a 50 cent minimum bet, a restaurant and a bar… It is now very pleased with all the media interest around this exceptional event as is the Partouche Group, the venue’s owner.

This leading French group had the ingenious idea to be the first to link 206 slot machines installed in its land based casinos in France. In this way it succeeded in offering massive winnings since these increase gradually as players bet on one of these machines. So the pot continues to increase as long as the jackpot isn’t won. Since the creation of the Partouche Megapot, 31 winners including 20 millionaires have won this jackpot. In March a winner set off his one armed bandit’s alarm in the Pharoah Casino in Lyon: he won 2 942 328.30€.

The success of this new concept was immediately taken up by other leaders in the world of cash gaming. So the Barrière, Tranchant, Joa and Emeraude groups along with some small independent casinos joined together and created the Magic Casinos Jackpot. 300 slot machines are linked which guarantees even larger winnings than those offered by the Partouche Megapot. Indeed, the jackpots are spectacular since the unequalled jackpot won in the Port Crouesty Casino on the 28th of March 2011 surpassed 9 million euros. The present pot could make the headlines too since it is over 5.6 million euros and hasn’t been won so far.

The Partouche Group is hoping that the Megapots that have just been won will revitalise its land based casinos whose results for the past few years have not been encouraging. It is possible to now confirm that there are many players playing on multi site machines since the pot reached 387 000€ in the space of 4 days.