Nevada Casinos Face New Restrictions because of the Covid-19Nevada casinos have been the subject of several of our reports this year. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for Las Vegas, Reno, and other casinos in the Silver State, but as 2020 draws to a close, they’re about to take another hit. Casinos have been ordered to reduce capacity to 25%.

This will also apply to bars, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities.


Why Is This Happening Again?

You can probably guess why this is happening again; yes, it’s because of a spike in COVID-19 cases. Nevada’s Governor, Steve Sisolak, ordered the reduction in capacity from 50% to 25% in an attempt to reduce the latest outbreak.

The governor has not ruled out even stricter policies if needed, including outright closure if deemed necessary. This isn’t a good sign for Nevada casinos’ already battered finances in what has been a tough year. However, Sisolak has highlighted that this is an attempt to avoid a complete shutdown, and it will be better if people comply with restrictions and social distancing measures now.

Several food establishments, including those based in Nevada’s casinos, have expressed concern about their ability to survive. The Governor has recommended that they switch to delivery services as they are currently prohibited from accepting walk-in guests without a reservation.

Earlier this year, we reported that a well-established Nevada casino had to lay off a substantial number of its workers. If any casinos have been hanging on by a financial thread, the latest restrictions may prove fatal.


Alternatives for Nevada Players

As we see it, Nevada players have two realistic options. First, they can fly to Atlantic City, which isn’t suffering the same level of outbreak, or they can play live casino games online.

Live dealer games offer players the chance to play blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and sometimes poker with real dealers. These dealers could be from America, Europe, Asia, or any other country, and they host real casino games streamed to your device in real time.

Nevada players are welcome at Red Dog Casino. It offers live games starting from $1 per bet, and high stakes players can bet hundreds of dollars per spin or hand on some tables. This provides a satisfying and safe alternative for Nevada players in the midst of the latest outbreak.